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治口臭食療方 (口臭湯)                  董氏醫學研究中心  (中醫董進)

筆者十數年前偶得一民間治口臭食療方,經常推薦給來診病者, 屢試不爽, 無往不利, 大獲好評。 驗方如下, 各位不妨一試:

青蘿蔔一個、豆腐二磚、煎白鯽魚一至二條,(如無白鯽,黑鯽魚亦可),生薑三片,加水煲約二小時,取湯調味飲用。 此湯清潤、鮮甜、可口,凡屬肺熱,胃腸炎、消化不良(偏熱症者)、鼻炎、肝炎等所致口臭者,皆適宜用,但屬寒症或病久體質潺弱者,則慎用或酌加少量白胡椒及陳皮,以中和湯中之寒性。

  The Bad Breath Remedial Soup[English Translation] 

1 piece of green turnip, 2 pieces of tofu (bean curds), 1 tilapia (or Japanese seaperch), pan fry it before preparing soup, 3 slices of ginger. Put the above ingredients to a cook ware, add water, slowly cook for about 2 hours. Add desirable amount of salt at your preferance.